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Leah Lamb author

Leah Lamb

Author and Strategy

Mark Shelley, the founder of Strange Days on Planet Earth, once said, "Telling a good story isn't enough." After consulting on that project about how to integrate dialogue practices into social engagement campaigns designed to move audiences to take action, Leah went on to work with Active Voice where she worked on the engagement campaigns The Mystery of Love, and Food Inc. She went on to consult, develop, and implement engagement campaigns for many other films including the Sundance Award-winning film American Black Out & The Greater Good. Lamb also produced & hosted the green channel at Current TV. 

Engagement Campaign Advisors

Céline Cousteau is a multifaceted social and environmental activist working with a variety of mediums from documentaries to art and design, consulting with corporations and foundations to public speaking. Each form shares the same message of interconnectivity between humans and the natural world. As a documentary film director, producer, and presenter, Céline is the founder and executive director of CauseCentric Productions, creating cause focused multi-media content. Extending her family legacy and her expertise, Céline co-founded The Céline Cousteau Film Fellowship, a nonprofit program whose mission is to empower young aspiring filmmakers, creatives, and activists to inspire change through filmmaking.

Stiv Wilson brings over a decade of experience in grassroots advocacy, systems innovation, and campaign strategy to The Story of Stuff Project. He is a waste and plastic pollution expert who frequently asked to speak on Solutions to the vexing inefficiencies in the materials economy all over the world. He’s created and led several campaigns to victory: from plastic bags bans, to plastic microbeads, to plastic water bottles at the state, national and international level. He’s sailed over 35,000 nautical miles to four of the five oceanic ‘garbage patches,’ documenting and communicating maritime plastic pollution firsthand.

Clare Dubois is an Earth loving social entrepreneur and inspirational speaker who worked internationally for 18 years facilitating groups, coaching business leaders and creating behavior change processes within the personal growth sector. As a Be The Change Symposium facilitator and freelance writer, she worked for three years as the UK co-ordinator for a massive agro-forestry initiative in southern India called Project GreenHands (PGH) before initiating TreeSisters. Through her work with PGH she has distilled the social mobilization strategy deployed with great success in India, and now turns it towards the mobilization of women within TreeSisters.

For the last 20+ years Bill Watt has been building solutions ranging from marketplaces and commerce tools to productivity applications to media sites and big data solutions. Before joining TalentBin in 2015, Bill led various innovation-focused product teams at eBay and GoDaddy as well as several startups including Current TV (acquired by Al Jazeera), Outright (acquired by GoDaddy), and FairMarket (acquired by eBay). I've recently been asked to head up the Product org responsible for all search products / platforms at Monster which was acquired by Randstad in 2016.

Rev. M. Kalani Souza is a gifted storyteller, singer, songwriter, musician, performer, poet, philosopher, priest, political satirist, and peacemaker. A Hawaiian practitioner and cross-cultural facilitator, he has experience in promoting social justice through conflict resolution. His workshops and lectures inspire, challenge and entertain the listener while calling all to be their greater selves. Kalani is the Founding and current Director of the Olohana Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit based on Hawaii’s Big Island since 2008. Olohana focuses on building community capacity, cohesiveness, resilience, and emergency preparedness around food, energy, water, and knowledge systems.

Bekka Fink is passionate about helping individuals, families, and businesses complete unfinished and overwhelming tasks. She helps clients plan and facilitate completion of projects that feel too large for them to handle on their own. Some projects demand more emotional support, so she also offers to facilitate communication, including mediation between family members. Bekka has traveled the Moroccan frontier on camels into the Sahara Desert; taught art, dance, and improvisation to inner-city and homeless teens; line produced a feature film in Death Valley, and has co-created and performed a world-premier opera in Bangkok.

Patrick Reinsborough is a strategist, organizer and creative provocateur with over 25 years of experience in movements for peace, justice and ecological sanity. Patrick’s strategic approach is based on the premise that the intersecting crises of the 21st century require all changemakers to be more effective and holistic movement builders. He co-founded and was the Executive Director of the Center for Story-based Strategy (formerly know as smartMeme) a national strategy center dedicated to harnessing the power of narrative to build movements for social and ecological justice. With his colleagues at CSS, Patrick has trained over 5,000 organizers and partnered with over 200 high impact organizations to frame issues, strengthen alliances and win campaigns. 

Janabai Owens had a background in marketing and entertainment but a strong passion for healthy eating and green business when she emerged on the LA raw food scene in 2005. She co-created two raw food cookbooks with her husband and partner Matt Amsden as well as the world renowned and locally beloved Rawvolution Café. She has since become a pioneer in the local and sustainable business community. Janabai was a key part of the team that effectively lobbied Santa Monica city government to create both the food-service Styrofoam ban and the retail plastic bag ban. She is active with both the local community as well as global non-profits and she currently sits on The Main Street Business Association Board of Directors. She is currently working on a healthy recipe book for kids.

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