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Kelley was born with an unusual gift: her home fills with the spirits of animals right before they go extinct.


While animals on land see her as the doorway to death, the animals of the ocean see her as the doorway to life. The story begins when the whales start calling to her to surface something they have been protecting since the beginning of time.


The Whale Dreamer is a wild adventure through the depths of the oceans, and the state of human consciousness as we approach the 6th mass extinction. The two-book series takes on some of the largest questions of our time: how do you dream about the future when you are living inside a story of destruction? And it confronts one of the core narratives our time: It isn’t about the power of one anymore, but the power of the collective coming together that will achieve the changes we need to see in the world.

Image by Bryant Austin

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Creating a Pathway to Environmental Stewardship  

While The Whale Dreamer is a fictional story filled with magic and mystery about what it is to be called into the ocean to swim with whales, the story wanders through the complex issues facing our world from climate change to the 6th mass extinction. All of the animals and circumstances mentioned in the series are based on real life. 

Our intention is to create a sense of awe through the story and offer an engagement pathway for our audience. Readers will be given opportunities to discover additional information about the animals mentioned in the book, and the conservation efforts in place to protect them.

In order to carry a positive action we must develop a positive vision. ~Dalai Lama

Most importantly, readers are introduced to organizations and individuals who are taking action. Members of The Whale Dreamer Society will be directed towards specific actions they can join forces with and watch how their collective efforts are measured and influence the planet.  

Our newsletters will highlight breaking news from our partners and allies and celebrate Back Yard Heroes (members in our community who are taking steps to care for the natural world). 


About the Author

Leah Lamb studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC with many masters of story in theater, film, and the ancient art form of storytelling. She received a masters in social work and focused on therapeutic use of the wilderness for the seven years while she worked as wilderness guide with youth at risk.


Her storytelling has taken on several mediums, including hosting and producing The Green Channel at the Emmy award winning television network, Current TV. She has written about the environment for National Geographic News Watch, Fast Company, Spirituality & Health Magazine, Planet Green, and The Huffington Post. The Whale Dreamer is her first novel. She currently teaches Speak the Spark: Sacred Storytelling

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