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Our goal: To leave a legacy of  healthy & vibrant oceans for future generations. 


That means we need to transform this

Into this




Here's how to start: 


Your Action Kit is designed to support you to become an ally to the oceans. 


We'll provide you everything you need to start reducing your use of single-use plastics, and valuable information and solutions you can bring to your local businesses and restaurant owners. 

  • Provides information about the impact of plastics

  • A reports card you can rate your local business with regarding choices around food and plastics

  • Seafood Watch Guide 

  • Samples of alternatives to plastic

  • A glass or metal straw

  • 10 business cards that you can share that educate about the impact of straws


REGISTER NOW to join the pilot program of the engagement campaign, and be the first to bring an Action Kit* to your community. 

Note: We have currently reached our limit for Action Kit requests outside USA. 

Step 1: Order Your Action Kit*

plastic pollution

  • When you go to a restaurant, request that a straw not be included in your drink.

  • If you are served a wrapped straw, give it back, and use it as an opportunity to discuss the topic with your waiter/waitress.  

  • Carry your own non-plastic straw so that you have one if your beverage requires it. Plastic free straw options include wood, paper, glass, and stainless steel straws.  

  • Spread the word to your friends and family and encourage them to go strawless.

Step 2: Ditch the Plastic Straw

Plastic Pollution Coalition - OPEN YOUR EYES

Step 3: Resources to help you go plastic free

Step 4: Join a Beach Clean-up today!

Sign up to volunteer with one of our allies:

All One Ocean (California)

Hawaii Wildlife Fund (Hawaii)

One Ocean Diving (Hawaii)

Sustainable Coastlines (New Zealand)

or connect with your local community

*The Action Kit is still under development. Sign up through our mailing list to get involved and learn more about how to get involved with our pilot program

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